Zbigniew Paturski, Ph.D.


Basic information:

  • Studies at Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, gained M.Sc. degree
  • Studies at Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, gained Ph.D. degree

Scientific Interests

  • Mechanics of flight
  • Applied aerodynamics
  • Numerical methods in mechanics
  • Computer simulation of objects
  • Programming languages
  • Operating systems
  • Transmission and conversion of data, databases

Major Publications

  • J. Maryniak, Zb. Paturski - Longitudinal Stabilty of a Glider in Rigid Tow, Technical Soaring Vol. II No 1, July 1972 Soaring Society of America.
  • Z. Goraj, J. Maryniak, Zb., Paturski, M. A. Złocka - Directional stability of an lightairplane during landing ground-run, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vol. 15, No 4, Warszawa 1977
  • Zb. Paturski - About an Method of Automatic Generation Equations of Motion of the Mechanical Systems, Proceedings o ftheXII International Conference Dynamics of Machines, Liblice, CSRS 1977 (in Russian)
  • Z. Goraj, J. Maryniak, Zb. Paturski, M. A. Zlocka - Analysis of the Shimmy Effect for Light Aircraft Taking into Account Nonstationary Theory of Pneumatic Tires, Proceedings of the XII International Conference Dynamics of Machines, Liblice CSRS,1977 (in Russian)
  • J. Pietrucha, Zb. Paturski, Zb. Szewczyk - The Control of Elasitc Vibration of Wing Section Using the Method of Passiv Modification Synthesis and Symbolic Computation, Proceedings of XXth Symposium MODELING IN MECHANICS, Wisła Poland, 1981.
  • Z. Goraj, Zb. Paturski - Nonlinear Model of Equilibrium Conditons for an Airplane, Proceedings of the XXI Symposium MODELING IN MECHANICS, Wisła Poland 1982
  • Zb. Paturski - Applications of the Symbolic Computatios in Machines Design, X Symposium VIBRATIONS IN MECHANICAL SYSTEMS, Poznan-Błażejewko Poland, 1982
  • Zb. Paturski, M. A. Złocka - Digital Simulation of the Controlled Motion of an Airpplane, Proceedings of the XXVI Symposium MODELING IN MECHANICS, Szczyrk Poland 1985
  • Zb. Paturski - Digital Simulation of the Airplane Landing, IInd Domestic Symposium SIMULATION OF DYNAMIC PROCESSES, Polana Chochołowska, Poland 1985
  • Z. Goraj, W. Molicki, ZB. Paturski - Mathematical Models of the Tire Vehicle Included the Nonstationary Effects, Proceedings of the XXVth Symposium MODELLING IN MECHANICS, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland1986
  • W. Molicki, Zb. Paturski - Numerical Simulation of the Right Turn of an Aircraft with Influence of One-Spool Jet Engine Rotating Elements, Proceedings of the VIIth Yugoslav Congress of Aerospace Science, Mostar Yugoslavia 1987
  • Z. Goraj, J. Maryniak, W. Molicki, Zb. Paturski - Modelling of the Entry of an Airplane into the Wind Shear, Proceedings of the XXVIth Symposium MODELLING IN MECHANICS, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland 1987
  • Z. Goraj, J. Maryniak, W. Molicki, Zb. Paturski - The Jet Liner IL-62M Manoeuvrability in an Emergency, Proceedings of the XXVIIth Symposium MODELLING IN MECHANICS, Wisła Poland 1988
  • C. Szczepański, Zb. Paturski - Modular, Low Cost Simulator for Polish Air Force, Proceedings of the 6th International Training Equipment Conference and Exhibition (ITEC), The Hague, The Netherland 1995.
  • C. Szczepański, Zb. Paturski - Niektóre zagadnienia modelowania w lotniczych syntetycznych urządzeniach treningowych, X Międzynarodowa Konferencja Mechanika w Lotnictwie, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland 2002.


Contribution towards research projects:

  •  Design and construction of Synthetic Training Devices (such as flight simulators, vehicle simulators).
  •  Computer simulation of the movement of the car while driving on the road and in the time of the accident (slides, hitting the curb, passing over the road, overturning the vehicle). The project developed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri USA.
  • Technical design in the field of aerodynamics and flight mechanics - aircraft J-5 Marco and XDK-3.
  • Participation in the investigation of accidents of Il-62M aircraft in the field of flight mechanics.
  • Participation in the design and construction of trainer aircraft M-17, which maiden flight took place in July 1977.
  • Co-author of the preliminary design of combat trainer aircraft M-16.

Visits within signed agreements of international cooperations:

Head of software department, currently Research and Development Department ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries, Warszawa-Okęcie.


  1. Mechanics
  2. Vibrations
  3. Mechanics of Flight