Information About Students’ Internship

Faculty coordinator of internship: Kamila Kustroń Ph.D.

WUT-wide principles

Rector’s Regulation No. 017/2011 dated 31/03/2011 on the implementation of the Rules of the organization and financing of compulsory student training under the program of I and II study circles
  Rector’s Regulation of internship for WUT students
  Appendix 1 - Terms and Conditions
  Annex 2 - Agreement
  Appendix 3 - Referral
  Appendix 4 - Report
  Appendix 5 - Declaration

Faculty principles

1st The nature, dates and duration of practice sets out a program of study to take into account the direction of the Standards of Education.

2nd WUT Students can use the offering national and international interships.

3rd Students of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical WUT are required to hold at least 4 weeks internship during the Bechelor studies.


  I stage study (B. Sc.) II stage study (M. Sc.)
Aerospace Engineering obligatory, (≥ 4 weeks) optional recommended
Power Engineering obligatory, (≥ 4 weeks) -

4th  Internship, in a given year, should be held in the period from January 1 to  October 31.

Internship Documentation

The first step: register in the VDO (Virtual Dean’s Office)

Intership must be registered in the student’s personal account in VDO with the required data including name, adress of a company and dates of the internship duration. It is obligatory to send (by e-mail) to the Dean’s Office a copy of medical insurance for the duration of internship (ask the host company for the type of an insurance which are needed). Based on the data filled in the VDO there are prepared the documents: AGREEMENT, REFERRAL / CERTIFICATE AND REPORT. When documents are ready there is the information in VDO and you must take the ticket  to Mrs. Dorota if you are Aeronautical Engineering student or to Mrs. Iza when you are Power Engineering student.

The second step in completing the documents. 

Before the start of internship you must bring the documents to the company. During the implementation of internship you should conscientiously fulfill the diary of internship in accordance with the scope of the work signed by the appropriate company’s Supervisor. After completion documentation you schould obtain an positive opinion of the internship and certifficate.

The third step: Return of the documents to the Dean's Office

Completed documentation have to be returned to the Dean's Office in two weeks after the internship.

Recognition of professional work as internship

Work experience and conducted industry activity can be considered as a student internship in accordance to the Annex No. 1 of  Rector’s Regulation No. 017/2011 dated 31/03/2011.  An application for recognition of professional work practices addressed to Dean must be submitted for an opinion of the faculty coordinator. Your application must includes a description of  tasks and their relationships to the field of your study and a certificate of performing work.

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