Jozef A. Pietrucha, Ph.D.


Basic information:

  • Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Studies at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering

Scientific Interests:

  • applied mathematics
  • theoretical mechanics
  • control theory

Major Publications:

  • Arczewski K., Pietrucha J.: Mathematical Modelling of Complex Mechanical Systems, E. Horwood, Cichester 1993.
  • Dul F., Pietrucha J.: Numerical Analysis of Continuous Models of Structures in Nonlinear Wind Flow Using the Time-Marching Approach, Proc. East Euro. Conf. on Wind Engng., 1994, Vol.4, pp.67-80.
  • Goraj Z., Pietrucha J.: Mathematical Modelling of Selected Maneuvers of an Aircraft Using Modified Vortex Lattice Method, ICAS Proc. 1994, XIXth Cong. ICAS, Anaheim, CA (USA), 18-23 Sept. 1994, pp.2705-2712.
  • Goraj Z., Pietrucha J.: Classical Panel Methods a Routine Tool for Aerodynamic Calculations of Complex Aircraft Configurations: From Concepts to Codes, J. Theor. Appl. Mech., 1995. Vol.33, No.3, pp.843-878.
  • Kulinicz K., Pietrucha J.: Unified Approach to Classification of Control Problems for Fluid-Structure Interaction, Second Inter. Conf. Engineering Aero-Hydroelasticity", Pilsen-Czech Rep., June 6-10, pp.8-13.
  • Pietrucha J.: Model Builder's Look at Variational Principles in Continuum Mechanics, Mathmod Vienna Proc. IMACS Symp. on Math. Modelling, Feb. 2-4, 1994 at Tech. Univ. Vienna, Austria, ed. by I. Troch & F. Breitennecker, Vol.3, pp.518-521.
  • Pietrucha J.: An Adequate Mathematical Model for Active Control of Slender Structures in Atmospheric Turbulence, Proc. East Euro. Conf. on Wind Engng., 1994, Vol.4, pp.147-158.

Contribution towards research projects:

  • modification methods of aero-mechanical system dynamic performances
  • active flow control
  • swimming and flying in Nature

Visits within signed agreements of international cooperations:

  • Institut Aerotechnique de Saint-Cyr, France

Additional information:

  • Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Member (Polskie Towarzystwo Mechaniki Teoretycznej i Stosowanej)
  • Member of International Association for Wind Engineering (Polish Group), Sec.Aircraft Aerodynamics" at Polish Acad. Scie.
  • written and spoken Russian
  • married, one daughter
  • Roman Catholic, non-party


  • Aircraft Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
  • Vibrations of Aeronautical Structures
  • Continuous Media Mechanics Applications
  • Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Systems
  • Mechanics III