Welcome to PAE faculty website

Welcome to the webpage of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology

Welcome to PAE faculty website


The Aeronautical Systems 1 exam (May improvement session) will take place on Thursday, 10th of May 2018, at 12.15 in room 143.

The Fluid Mechanics I exam  will be held on Monday, April 23rd, at 6.15 p.m., room T1.
Correction of a fail test will be held just after the exam, at 8 p.m., room T1.

Final exam on Algebra and Geometry will take place on 12-th of April on Thursday( 12.04.2018) at 17h15 (5.15 pm).

The updated list of Erasmus+ outgoing result. The changes have been marked with green colour.

Candidates, who would like to submit any remarks/resignation or complain are asked to send the e-mail on the followin address: krozycka@meil.pw.edu.pl between March 19 and 21, 2018. E-mail send after that date are not going to be considered.


The Faculty cooperates with research institutes and industry units specializing in automatisation, aeronautics and power engineering. The students are offered industrial attachments in those institutions. Being familiar with work conditions, they often take jobs in those places.


Studying with the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering offers the opportunity to learn by theory and in practice the most important engineering fields.