Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics

The Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics was established in 1975 by merging of two institutes - namely the Institute of Applied Mechanics and the Institute of Aviation and Hydroaeromechanics.

Teaching and research activities of the Institute are carried out in seven divisions:

  1. Division of Aerodynamics
  2. Division of Automation and Aeronautical Systems
  3. Division of Mechanics
  4. Division of Fundamentals of Machine Design
  5. Division of Aeroplanes and Helicopters
  6. Division of Theory of Machines and Robots
  7. Division of Strength of Materials and Structures

The employees of the Institute have a wide range of competences in the field of priority areas of technology of the 21st century. Research conducted in the field of aerodynamics, mechanics and design, material properties, widely understood aviation, as well as biomechanics or robotics require interdisciplinary knowledge, which is provided by the employees of the Institute. Many of the scientific staff of the Institute holds important functions in international scientific organizations as well as research and teaching associations. The Institute has an airfield located in Sieraków. The airfield is equipped with modern laboratories allowing for theoretical as well as practical work. Modern infrastructure and modernized laboratories of the Institute create a solid basis for conducting effective scientific research.

The Mission of the Institute is support and promote the high-level research for the knowledge-based society with increasing appreciation for competences, teamwork and willingness to take up ambitious challenges.

The vision is to maintain the traditionally strong and special position of the Institute among scientific and research units of Polish and foreign universities by offering high-quality Aerospace Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechanics and Machine Design, and Automatic Control and Robotics. The Institute completes these tasks by improving conditions of creative research work for its staff, which guarantees higher efficiency of research. The Institute infrastructure and research facilities are systematically modernised and there are initiatives to facilitate cooperation with renown Polish and foreign research units and industrial centers.

The detailed description of Institute activities is given in its official website.