Welcome to PAE faculty website

Welcome to PAE faculty website

Welcome to the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering WUT

Diversity and excellence are our key words.  The students of our Faculty are provided with a unique opportunity to combine their study with diversity of research activities supervised by our highly qualified, excellent staff. Due to this they learn concurrently the theory and practice covering the aeronautical engineering, power engineering, and robotics.

The staff excellence was created during the long years of our existence Before The second World War, Poland was one of the leading countries in aircraft design and exploitation. Up till now our personnel has been as an expert in consulting the producers of well known aircraft, or aircraft engines. Our specialists in power engineering support the development of various engine, including those used in the airplanes. The Faculty has prototyped several gliders and small planes which are now implemented into mass production. The students focus on introducing the theory they learn into practice. Small planes they built, have won several world-level prizes. The students also prototyped super efficient cars, and modern robot constructions. Following a specific study programme does not limit our students. They are encouraged to choose the subjects from the other specializations, to partcipate in a variety of students’ research activities, or activities supervised by our researchers. For examplea student of aeronautical engineering will be offered professional support in bulding efficiently powered flying robot. . We can already see the good effect of our diversity and excellence. Our staff and students have participated in the desinging and prototyping of the light robots performing heart surgery, and have developed walking robots designed for the surveillance tasks.

If you are not Polish citizen note that studying in Poland offers you a unique oportunity to learn the specifics of the country first-hand, to understand them and to make new friends. Being an expert in this part of the world and at the same time, having a knowledge of Polish language increases your actractivness as a future employee. Studying abroad allows you to travel around, it expands you worldview, develops your personality and communication skills, and enhances your employment opportunities.

If you are Polish citizen, note that there are a huge number of jobs that absolutely require you to speak a second language. English is commonly used in Europe and in many other parts of the World and is the language of modern engineering.

Inviting you to our Faculty, I must emphasize, we will offer you not only intelectual adventure but also a very high standard of education. Our unique graduates, being very good specialists, are offered many presigious and interesting jobs.