The students, who were signed for the June defence exam

should urgently contact the Dean' s Office (information is given in the Verbis Dean Office) to collect the diploma supplement and check it.

Information for students and doctoral students on the obligation to use email addresses in the WUT domain name

Information for all WUT students and doctoral students on the obligation to use only individual email addresses in the WUT domain name ( in any correspondence with the University, as of 1 June 2018

There is a change in admission hours.

Vice Dean for educational affairs Prof. Maciej Jaworski

The change of terms for submitting the diploma documents for the exam

The change of terms for submitting the diploma documents for the exam

The retake test on CFD course

will take place on May 14, 2018 in lecture room A0 at 18:00h.

Aeronautical Systems 1 Exam

The Aeronautical Systems 1 exam (May improvement session) will take place on Thursday, 10th of May 2018, at 12.15 in room 143.

The Fluid Mechanics I exam

The Fluid Mechanics I exam  will be held on Monday, April 23rd, at 6.15 p.m., room T1.
Correction of a fail test will be held just after the exam, at 8 p.m., room T1.

Final exam on Algebra and Geometry

Final exam on Algebra and Geometry will take place on 12-th of April on Thursday( 12.04.2018) at 17h15 (5.15 pm).

Updated list of Erasmus+ outgoing results

The updated list of Erasmus+ outgoing result. The changes have been marked with green colour.

Erasmus+ results

Candidates, who would like to submit any remarks/resignation or complain are asked to send the e-mail on the followin address: between March 19 and 21, 2018. E-mail send after that date are not going to be considered.

Prof Maciej Jaworski - absence

Please be informed that the Dean Prof. Maciej Jaworski is absent today. (March, 8, 2018). His opening hours are cancelled. 

Registration for subjects - last chance

The Dean's Corrections to register for subjects are going to be opened to Friday (02.03.2018) until 12.00 p.m.

Engineering Graphics – spring semester

The enrolment to the classes for registered students will be held at the meeting on Wednesday 28th at 9.45-10.15 in the room 328.

Obligatory Health and Safety Training

The obligatory  for the new students (and those, who had not attended the previous training) Health and Safety Training will be organized in March  05, 2018 (Monday) in room A4 (Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering building) at 17.15 (5.15  p.m.)

Room change for lectures on 23rd February

All lectures (including the first one on 23rd February) in the course "Theory of Flow Machines" (ANK 406, 4th semester, Power Engineering, Friday, 12.15-15.00) are moved from the room S6 to the lecture room no. 410A in the Instutute of Heat Engineering (21/25 Nowowiejska St.).

Polish for foreigners

The course POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS for your faculty will be held:

Heat transfer II (Laboratory) – ANK424

First class will take place on 1st March at 2:15 pm Room no. 128 (ITC building, thermodynamics lab). The attendance is mandatory.

Computer Science II

Announcement Semester II
Computer Science II