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Welcome to the webpage of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology

Welcome to PAE faculty website


Enrolment in physical education courses in the winter semester will be made electronically. Students must enrol in a course in the registration period: Sat, 21 September 2019 to Mon, 30 September 2019 according to the following schedule. A student must choose a day and time of a PE course according to the timetable for their Faculty.

they are here

Please submit the applications to the Deanery before 16.09.2019. This is the deadline.
From 17.09.2019 we are going to make the student's registration and the notices of initiation of proceedings regarding the stricking from the student's register are going to be sent.
The application for semester repetition can be done by the students of 5th semester in case of first-cycle studies and the students of 2nd or 3rd semester in case of second-cycle studies.

We would like to inform that in the period from 09.09.2019 at 14.30 to 13.10.2019 at 23.59 you may register on subject by the USOSWeb system.
All Faculty students (first-cycle, second-cycle, extra-mural, foreign and Polish) are requested to sign on the classes.
Only the students register for the Ist semester of studies for the first-cycle studies are not obliged to sign on the classes. The system will do it for them.

Last chance to improve the colloquium will take place on Friday 13rd of September at 9:15 a.m. in room No. AK.


The Faculty cooperates with research institutes and industry units specializing in automatisation, aeronautics and power engineering. The students are offered industrial attachments in those institutions. Being familiar with work conditions, they often take jobs in those places. The good quality of the educational offer has been proven by the graduate study followed under the Erasmus Mundus scheme, which supports top-quality European Masters Courses and offers EU-funded scholarships for the third World country nationals. Faculty coordinates an inter-faculty EMARO - Erasmus Mundus master program in Advanced Robotics


Studying with the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering offers the opportunity to learn by theory and in practice the most important engineering fields. 

Student Research Groups

There are currently 13 student research groups . Each group consists of students, who wants to develop projects in various fields related to the Faculty activities.