Autonomous system for detection and neutralisation of non-metal mines

The goal of the project is to develop a system for autonomous detection and neutralisation of non-metallic mines and explosives. System will be placed on a mobile platform with its own propulsion and control system to allow autonomous operation in the field. The detection system will be equipped with the device for mines and other explosives detection. There will be also the equipment for mines destruction or neutralization on the mobile platform. The problem of the location of non-metallic mines from a technical point of view is very difficult, because conventional methods of location of mines (based on metal detectors) are not useful in this case.

In the project we propose a solution of this problem in two ways:

  • Detection of non-metallic mines by odour analysis methods, using the electronic system of odour detector "artificial nose" dedicated specifically for detection of chemical compounds emitted from the mines housing. The use of odour sensor is a new and original approach to solving the problem of plastic mines detection.
  • The second way is based on the ability to detect explosives min using ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS). Will be required to carry out the research on the impact of soil or sand layer on the detection of various explosives.

Mines destruction will be done by using a pyrotechnic cannon or by leaving a small explosive on mine. Second method will be achieved through by use of thermite mixtures.

In the project a small mobile platform will be developed. Autonomous platform will have hybrid engine system. Equipment for detection and destruction of mines will be placed on this autonomous mobile platform. The area marked by the operator will be searched by selected vehicle trajectories using satellite navigation system with integrated navigation system. We will use here also visual navigation systems based on tracking algorithms. This will provide precise search the whole of the area. The field obstacles will be detected by scanning the site and its observation in the visible light. Tasks for navigation system are: movement with the selected trajectory, precision platform withdrawal for the secure distance after leaving the explosive or before the shot from the pyrotechnic canon. The vehicle should be a valuable part of the netcentric battle control system.

In the project our department cooperates with the Industrial Institute of Automation and Measurements. At the Warsaw University of Technology in the project also take parts following faculties: Chemistry, Physics, and Production Engineering.

Project MNiSW No 0006/R/T00/2008/05