Simulation Research Center

Simulation Research Center in the Division of Automation and Aeronautical Systems offers research opportunities in the field of mobile objects simulation as well as on-board system simulation. It also provides opportunities for education of students.

There are two manned aircraft simulators and several unmanned vehicles training devices in the Simulation Research Labporatory. The infrastructure of manned aircraft simulators consists of:

  • pilot stations,
  • instructor stations,
  • two rack sets of hardware,
  • visual systems.

Visual system is supported by Drzewiecki Design (

Simulators characteristics

  • The simulators are reconfigurable and allow simulation of mobile objects with different dynamics, systems and equipment on-board.
  • The simulators are fixed base.
  • The software system is able to connect to the other hardware systems. This connection is done via HLA (high level architecture).
  • The design of the simulator allows the modification and development in hardware by adding new elements.
  • The architecture of th software is an open, modular and hierarchical, allowing the exchange of software modules.
  • The software is designed in accordance with the architecture of HLA.
  • Only standard PC computers are used to minimize operating costs and to simplify upgrading of individual modules.

Common HLA simulation example

Head of The Simulation Research Center


Maciej Zasuwa, Ph.D.

Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics
Division of Automation and Aeronautical Systems

Room: NL145
Phone: +48 22 234 7515