Winter Semester (2023Z)

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The subjects of prospective student projects in the Division of Automation and Aeronautical Systems

1. Integration of navigation sensors for mobile vehicles.

Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation Systems, magnetic compasses and other specific sensors (i.e. video camera, wheel rotations, etc.) will be integrated for determining vehicle position, velocity and attitude. The signal filtering methods will cover various Kalman filtering as well as other filters like Julier - Uhlmann method. The system will be validated experimentally on electric car, sailplane or helicopter.

2. Simulation of air and ground vehicles performance and control.

The hardware and software in Simulation Research Center may be applied for developing computer models of various air and ground vehicles: airplane, helicopter, tilt-rotor, car, etc. The models may be of various complexity with or without control, guidance and navigation modules

The detailed contents of the projects will be specified according to current Department research activity and/or to student interests.