Package to compute the aerodynamic characteristics of an aircraft using low order panel method.


The new version of PANUKL package contains a lot of significant changes. All programs were changed and modernized. Details are included in Change Log file. Current version contains the option to export the geometry and the results (pressure distribution) to FEM analysis (Calculix)

Package contains slightly modernized version of manual - new version is coming soon.


PANUKL 2017 (beta):

Current version:

PANUKL 2012 package:

PANUKL 2002 package - archive version:

Sample data files (included in the installation version):

Full user's guide (included in the installation version)

PANUKL includes help system added to installation file, and available as an option in the packet program. the help system requires a PDF file browser.

Link to the full guide for people, who want to read it before installing the program, is shown below:

With any suggestions/complaints please write to:

including a word "PANUKL" in the message title.