ANK307/308 Aircraft Design

ANK307 Aircraft Design 1

Analyses of: trends, costs, mission, weight, thrust and wing loading. Fuselage and ergonomics. Wings and empennages. High lift devices and control surfaces. Landing gear. Propulsion integration. Loads and handling qualities.

ANK308 Aircraft Design 2

Loads and handling qualities. Types of structures applicable in aircraft design. Wing and empennages components and their structures. Fuselage components and their structures. Simplified methods of strength calculations. Connections between fuselage, wing and empennages. Mechanical control systems.



Aircraft Design 1


Rules of crediting and deadlines

Aircraft Design Project Rules

Supplementary Materials (PANUKL)


  1. Initial analyses
  2. Feasibility study
  3. Initial design and detailed weight analysis
  4. Aerodynamic characteristics  <-- New version 
  5. Flight envelope and loads envelope

Lecture handouts:

  1. Introductory lecture
  2. Wing and thrust loading selection and cost analysis
  3. Fuselage
  4. Landing gear
  5. Propulsion
  6. Empennages
  7. Airplane drawing
  8. Wings
  9. High lift devices and control surfaces
  10. Dynamic stability
  11. Handling qualities (longitudinal & lateral)
  12. Loads envelope and loads of the wing
  13. Loads of the horizontal tail
  14. Loads of the fuselage
  15. Loads of landing gear and control system


     Example of the 2nd colloquium problem

Aircraft Design 2


Rules of crediting and deadlines

Supplementary materials for PANUKL

Aircraft Design 2 Project Rules


  1. Longitudinal static stability and lateral control
  2. Wing loads
  3. Fuselage loads
  4. Aeroplane structure
  5. Fitting design

Lecture handouts:

  1. Introductory lecture
  2. Wing structure and simplified spar analysis
  3. Simplified wing-box analysis
  4. Skins, ribs and longerons
  5. Fuselage and fuselage-wing connection
  6. Empanages
  7. Control surfaces and high lift devices structures
  8. Stabilizers installation

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