• to define a strategy for research, education and exchange of information in flow, turbulence and combustion, with the aim of improving quality of life and the generation of wealth;
  • to strengthen the research base and to improve the quality and relevance of its output to industry and government;
  • to provide members with access to all sources of useful information on flow, turbulence and combustion;
  • to be influential with funding agencies, governments and the European Commission and Parliament;
  • to be a focus for contact with non-European groups.

Brief history

  • The ERCOFTAC Association was created on June 3rd 1988 in Paris, as an International Association with Scientific Objectives according to Belgian law. Initially, one of the ideas behind the ERCOFTAC Association was the creation of one or several Research Centre(s) on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion having large computational facilities (NASA Ames like centres). This idea evolved to the idea of a network of Pilot Centres, and at the creation of the Association there existed 9 Pilot Centres in 6 different countries.
  • From 1988 until now, the number of Pilot Centres has increased to 18 in 16 countries.

Polish Pilot Centre

  • According to ERCOFTAC SPC and MB decisions made on 9th and 10th October '97 Polish Pilot Centre was established as a first Pilot Centre in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The main target of Polish PC is the transfer of knowledge in the field of numerical modelling of fluid flows, heat transfer and combustion.