Welcome to PAE faculty website

Welcome to the webpage of Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology

Welcome to PAE faculty website


The enrolment to the classes for registered students will be held at the meeting on Wednesday 28th at 9.45-10.15 in the room 328.

The obligatory  for the new students (and those, who had not attended the previous training) Health and Safety Training will be organized in March  05, 2018 (Monday) in room A4 (Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering building) at 17.15 (5.15  p.m.)

All lectures (including the first one on 23rd February) in the course "Theory of Flow Machines" (ANK 406, 4th semester, Power Engineering, Friday, 12.15-15.00) are moved from the room S6 to the lecture room no. 410A in the Instutute of Heat Engineering (21/25 Nowowiejska St.).

The course POLISH FOR FOREIGNERS for your faculty will be held:

First class will take place on 1st March at 2:15 pm Room no. 128 (ITC building, thermodynamics lab). The attendance is mandatory.


The Faculty cooperates with research institutes and industry units specializing in automatisation, aeronautics and power engineering. The students are offered industrial attachments in those institutions. Being familiar with work conditions, they often take jobs in those places.


Studying with the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering offers the opportunity to learn by theory and in practice the most important engineering fields.