E-mail: kamila.kustron@pw.edu.pl

Funkcje pełnione w PW

Head of Design & Exploitation of Aircraft Research

Koordynator ds. praktyk studenckich

Zainteresowania naukowe

AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING: operation& maintenance O&M of aircraft • degradation of the airframe materials and airframe joints • assessment of durability • Thermographics • Non Destructive Evaluation NDE • Structural Health Monitoring SHM • Artificial Inteligence AI• Expert Systems ESs • Reliability of the Smart Airframe

  •  research on evaluation of the non destructive tests NDT, mainly based on thermography
  •  research on the applications SHM systems on and in the structure of airframes
  •  research on the expert systems for assessments of the airframe durability in consideration of SHM&NDT systems

courses with students: materials, operation&maintenance of aeroplanes

Wybrane publikacje


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