The Rise of High Performance Scientific Computing for Materials

Zapraszamy pracowników oraz studentów Politechniki Warszawskiej w dniu 17 listopada 2015 r. o godzinie 11.00,  Sala 105 Instytutu Techniki Cieplnej PW ul. Nowowiejska 21/25 na wykład prof. Robina Grimesa dotyczący możliwości zastosowania zaawansowanych metod obliczeniowych w dziedzinie inżynierii materiałowej. „The Rise of High Performance Scientific Computing for Materials”. Spotkanie zostało zorganizowane w ramach współpracy z Ambasadą Brytyjską.

Our understanding of materials performance is based on experimental data.  We use it to inform predictive models that allow us to develop better and sometimes even new materials.  Experimental data is, however, often difficult to obtain either because the controlling factor takes place on time scales or length scales that are challenging or the systems themselves are hazardous, especially nuclear materials.  In these circumstances computer simulations can be exceptionally useful.  We use the results of simulation in four different ways: to provide property values for existing models and understand experimental values; to ‘check’ or ‘test’ existing assumptions; to improve existing models by ‘developing’ the physical models; or sometimes even to develop totally new models, using the simulations to ‘discover’ or ‘identify’ the physics/chemistry behind the process.  In this seminar we will consider each of these in turn, to see how high performance computing can add value to the development of materials.