Enrolment on Selected applications of CAD_CAM_CAE systems (SACS) - ANK692

The elective course is offered for Aerospace Engineering and Power Engineering, for which at present the registration in the VDO (Virtual Dean Office) computer system is in progress.

This course is a continuation* of the ICS (ANK690) offered at the previous semester and apart from deepening the already gained knowledge and skills contains more advanced modules such as: synchronous techniques, free form modeling and advanced assembling.

The enrolment on the terms of classes will be held at the meetings in the first week of semester. The exact days, hours and rooms of these meetings will be announced in September.

Only the students who are registered for this course in the VDO - system and mentioned in the list created by this system will have the right to enroll on these classes. Students will be asked to choose their preferred terms from the proposed ones according to the ranking list generated by the VDO-system on the basis of student' AGP (average grade points).

Prerequisite: Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE Systems (ANK690).

*Students are obliged to enroll on the same CAD/CAE/CAE System as used at the prerequisite courses.


Prof. S. Bogdański