Stanisław Bogdański



dr hab. inż. Stanisław Bogdański

Profesor Politechniki Warszawskiej

ul. Nowowiejska 24
00-665 Warszawa pokój NL 257

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Fax: (+48 22) 628 25 87

Research Interest

  • Machine Design
  • Contact Mechanics
  • Fatigue and Fracture
  • Tribology
  • Lubrication

Selected Publications

  1. Bogdański S. (1997), Finite Element Modelling of Surface Fatigue Crack in EHD Contact. "Elastohydrodynamics - 96 - Fundamentals and Applications in Lubrication and Traction", Tribology Series, Editor: D. Dowson, Elsevier 1997, pp. 325-336.
  2. Bogdański S. (1997), The behaviour of surface breaking contact fatigue crack in EHL conditions. Proceedings of the "5th Int. Conf. on Bi/Multiaxial Fatigue & Fracture", Cracow, Sept. 1997, Vol. II, pp. 9-28.
  3. Bogdański S., Olzak M., Stupnicki J. (1998), Numerical Modelling of 3D Rail RCF "Squat" - Type Crack Under Operating Load. The Int. Journ. of Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 1998, 21, pp. 923-935.
  4. Bogdański S., J. Stupnicki J., M. W. Brown M. W., D. F. Cannon D. F. (1999), A two dimensional analysis of mixed-mode rolling contact fatigue crack growth in rails, Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture, ESIS series, Editors Macha E, Będkowski W et al, Elsevier, pp. 235-244, 1999.
  5. Bogdański S. (1999), Growth of the rolling contact fatigue cracks in the presence of liquid (in polish), Habilitation dissertation, Warsaw University of Technology, Prace Naukowe, Mechanika, Zeszyt Nr 171, 1999.
  6. Bogdański S., Brown M. W. (2000),, Modelling the Growth of Shallow Rolling Contact Fatigue Cracks in Rails. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on "Contact Mechanics and Wear of Rail/Wheel Systems", Tokyo, Japan, July 2000, pp. 9-16.
  7. Bogdański S., Brown M. W. (2001), A 3D model for growth of dry and liquid-filled "squat" type cracks - a tool for estimating the scale of damage in rails. Proceedings of the First Symposium of Damage Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Augustów – 2001, Nauki Techniczne vol. 138, No 24, pp. 57 - 65.
  8. Bogdański S. (2002),The behaviour of kinked RCF crack in contact. Proceedings of the 14 European Conference on Fracture –ECF 14-Cracow, Poland, Sept. 2002, Vol I/III pp. 289-296.
  9. Bogdański, S., Brown M. W. (2002), Modelling the Three Dimensional Behaviour of Shallow Rolling Contact Fatigue Cracks in Rails, Wear, 253, issue 1-2, pp. 17-25, 2002.
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  12. Bogdański S. & Kołakowski A. (2004), A 3D Multi Size Finite Element Model of Surface Rolling Contact Fatigue Crack. Proc. of the 7th ICBMFF, Berlin, 2004, pp. 663-668.
  13. Bogdański S. (2005), Liquid-Solid interaction at opening in rolling contact fatigue cracks. Wear, vol. 258, issues 7-8, 2005, pp. 1273-1279.
  14. Bogdański S., Lewicki P. & Szymaniak M. (2005), Experimental and theoretical investigation of the phenomenon of filling the RCF crack with liquid. Wear, vol. 258, issues 7-8, 2005, pp. 1280-1287.
  15. Bogdański S. & Trajer M. (2005), A dimensionless, multi-size finite element model of a rolling contact fatigue crack. Wear, vol. 258, issues 7-8, 2005, pp. 1265-1272.
  16. Bogdański S. (2005), Predicting the growth of RCF crack with the use of 3D multi-size finite element model. Book; "LIFE CYCLE TRIBOLOGY" edited by D. Dowson et al, Elsevier - Tribology and Interface Engineering Series, No 48, (2005), pp. 709-721.
  17. Bogdański S., Lewicki P. (2006); 3D model of entrapped liquid in rolling contact fatigue cracks in rails; Proc. of the 7th Int. Conference on Contact Mechanics and Wear of Rail/Wheel Systems, Brisbane, Australia Sept. 2006; Vol. 2, pp. 491-498. (see website:, and for incoming Conf. CM-2012:

Research Projects -Coordination

2001-2004 - The Contractor of the "KBN Project- No. 8T07A01721

Predicting the growth of shallow angle surface breaking RCF cracks in rails

Completed Projects: See the website:,


  • Machine Design
  • Advanced CAD/CAE Methods and Systems
  • FEM in CAE
  • Tribology


  • European Structural Integrity Society, ESIS
  • European Unigraphics Users Group
  • Polish Group of Fracture Mechanics
  • Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Group of Fatigue and Fracture of Materials and Structures of the Machine Design Committee, (KBM) - Polish Academy of Sciences, (PAN).


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