Student Association for Vehicle Aerodynamics

Together we design and build cutting-edge vehicles to compete in an international competition called Shell Eco-marathon. Its objective - to complete  a number of laps around the track using as little fuel as possible. We make our vehicles of carbon fibre, which we laminate ourselves. We pay great attention to every detail and improve our projects year after year. In its best run Kropelka – our Prototype vehicle – covered 659 km on just 1 litre of gasoline! Kropelka 2.0 which had its last start in 2018 received the Safety Award. Our bigger UrbanConcept vehicle – PAKS – achieved 376,46 km on 1 litre of gasoline and won the competition! Currently we are developing a new UrbanConcept vehicle – the only one in Poland in this energy category – Orion.

Right after arriving back from the competition we get back to business. We gather new ideas, look for funds and get back in the workshop. Several dozen people spend altogether thousands of hours designing and making parts for the vehicles or taking care of our association’s image and finances. We do not work alone – some of our projects are developed in collaboration with other student associations. As a part of the eMaksPower team we are making an electric bolide for a disabled driver. Our members also contributed to the Hyperloop University Team and represented it on a competition in the USA.

Everyone surely loves the rush of adrenaline! We want to race too and that is why we went for a totally new challenge - building an electric motorbike for the MotoStudent competition with our first start scheduled for autumn 2020.

SKAP is, first and foremost, an opportunity for personal advancement, a way to gain unique experience and meet fantastic people with similar passions. Our members have a chance to progress not only in such fields as: aerodynamics, composite technology, electronics, mechanical design, 3D design and CFD analyses, but also marketing and PR.